Luxembourg Technology Transfer follows up on the work of the SnT Partnership Program. As a venue for exchange and collaboration, SnT brings together university scientists and non-university-affiliated researchers as well as partners from industry and the public sector. The common focus is on basic scientific research addressing the challenges faced by today’s technology companies.

Responsibilities :
# Monitor and review Software Disclosures and research artifacts containing software code,
# Coordinate software revisions with TTO IP Manager,
# Do regular scans of source code in the TTO review pipeline,
# Organize the account on GitLab repository for TTO reviews, recommendations, and archiving,
# Interact with developers to understand the use of F/OSS and 3rd party components (like embedded packages, runtime calls, library dependencies, front end, back end, in both cloud and desktop apps), Propose solutions for aligning software results with project requirements (e.g. looking for similar solutions on different licenses)
# Do regular scans of source code (using scancode),
# Verify compliance on software assets (copyrights, license text, license compatibility),
# Support researchers in open source releases and licensing.